Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just another day

Well, I managed to get out of the house today and walked around the market. I felt as if I was developing bed sores:) so it was good to get out even though it was bone chilling cold!! The good news is that Ryan takes off for home in the morning, good for him at least. The Dehanns and I are on the verge of insanity, I have managed to watch all three seasons of Lost, so far, pretty pathetic if you ask me but I have to do something.   All I can do is laugh;)!!!
Oleg was in such an amazing mood these past days, I like to think it is because he knows that soon he will be with mama and papa FOREVER. Today I had my first moment of mother lion protecting her young. I managed to get upset with one of the doctors at the orphanage. She was insisting that it was way to cold for him to be out of his room even though we were still inside, and I had no problem with that. I was glad to take him back to his room, however, he needed to pack up his toys and I needed to get all my stuff ready before I could get him back. I was putting on my coat when the doctor returned and garbed Oleg's hand and started to take him back, he was crying, and it made me so mad that she couldn't wait 5 sec for me to finish. I proceeded to run over there yelling NEYT (NO) and I took his hand and led him back to his room, I told her (not that she understood) that I was his mother and I would take him back to his room!! he stopped crying and gave me a big smile, he knows that mommy takes him back and that is the way he likes it.
He has been able to talk with Ryan on the phone and that has been really cute. He repeats what I say so he told Ryan that he missed him and loved him!! We also met this family from Spain a very nice couple and we have enjoyed their company. They are adopting this sweet little boy with a cleft pallet, Him and Oleg get along really well, and the couple is just so sweet, so it has been fun sharing the room with them. one more day and he is ours for good, that is if nothing goes wrong!! I am trying to stay optimistic but we will see!! Keep praying and I love you all!!

 My first Ukrainian snowfall. this is the outside of our apartment.
Oleg loves that cell phone now!! it is hard to get it away from him!!


Anonymous said...

Yea mother lion! Good for you for standing up for your son! We know how bored you are - we consider going to the grocery store to buy toilet paper and bottled water an outing! You're on the home stretch - you can make it! We missed connecting with Ryan, but would love to meet you when you come back through town. Ryan has our contact info. Let us know!

Mom B said...

Thanks for posting and the new pictures. Oleg knows you are his mom and will always protect him.
We are waiting impatiently for Ryan to come in tonight and then 6 more days before we see you two! Hang in there, you have been so strong and tomorrow Oleg is yours!
Can't wait for that blog! Love you, Mom B