Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home again jiggidy jig

We are home, we are here and we are fine. The plan ride was nothing that I imagined it to be it was worse, ugh. But before I left Trisha, the friend I was staying with said, "this to shall pass" and I had to remind myself of that the whole time!! Oleg was not scared but does not like being strapped down he wants to run free. the short flights were not so bad but 11 hours from Frankfurt to Seattle was rough!! but we mad it. When we arrived in Denver my grandpa was there to meet us at the gate (he works at the airport so he was allowed to meet us) that was a huge relief. We went up the escalator and there was everyone waiting to see the little bugger. He was so excited to see Papa he ran towards Ryan with the biggest grin. He was so excited to be home, but he was beet.  The ride home in the car was better than I thought. he sat in his chair quietly. The dogs on the other had was a bit to much for him he was very scared of them. Over the past days he has become more comfortable with his surroundings and the dogs!! So for now we get use to each other, our schedules, and our lives. We are over joyed to be home, and we thank you for all the support!! I will keep blogging, our struggles and joys of bring home Oleg, but for now we are taking it easy and loving each other. Thanks again.


Kari said...

Glad you made it home safely through all of the snow storms around the globe. Do you live in CO?

Melody said...

So happy all three of you are home now and will be together for Christmas! I'm sure you have plenty of company, so we thought we'd lie low and give you some space for a while, but know that we are thinking about you guys! We're in VA for Christmas, so we'll catch you in the new year!
~Melody, Trent, and Cam

Mandy Dempsey said...

SO GLAD you're home safe and sound and that you have Oleg with you! HOORAY--it has really happened and you are truly parents now! Can't wait to meet him and hear all about parenthood as I walk this journey with you both!

-Mandy Dempsey

Anonymous said...

Yeah - you made it! I'm home now and Richard gets home tomorrow (Christmas). We have to go back in January for court :( It was great to spend time with you, and let's plan a "reunion" when we all get back with the kiddos (us and the DeHaans).