Thursday, December 17, 2009


what a long few days and what a long Journey and today it officially came to an end, at least The adoption part the rest of our life with Oleg are ahead!! First of all I want to acknowledge all the support received in this journey thank you, second I want to tell Ryan that am so thankful that he was willing and excited for this journey. This was not his dream but he embraced it and now it is has become his dream as well!!
The day started early on Tuesday 7:30 and I had no clue what I was in store for. I had everything packed and ready to go. I had no idea what to expect and no idea that I would be in the car till I was on the train at 7:00 PM. We started by going to the court and picking up the court decree, however, the judge was not there and we would not be able to get the documents till 10. So we headed to the store to get some stuff that the orphanage had asked me to get; then to the orphanage to drop off the toys I brought and the goodies we just bought. after that to the court and then to the records of vital statistics, and of course that wasn't smooth so we had to come back later. Back in the car to the bank where Oleg had money from the state in an account that needed to be transferred to the orphanage, and me being his Mommy had to sign for it :). Edward was really doing all the work and all I did was sit in a cold car, once in awhile getting out to sign a paper or two. Then to the town Oleg was born in to the office of vital statistics there, and that took an hour and 1/2 plus the traffic. Nothing is easy, it seems like Edward had to fight the whole time for things to get done. We had so much to do and it was getting late so we headed back to town were we needed to get one more thing notarized, however; we could not fined a notary hat was open, we were on the final count down. Oleg the driver and Edward, both got out of the car and ran around trying to find a notary.... mission accomplished then to drop off our papers, then to the passport office and then to the orphanage. The moment I had waited for all day Oleg was going to be in my arms forever!! the Mama dressed him in what I brought, she let me keep his cross and the shirt he had on. She said something and I asked Ed what she was saying, seems she didn't like my choice of clothing it wasn't warm enough. They dress these little buggers in so much during the winter it is a wonder they can even move. We said our quick goodbyes there was no big goodbye like I was expecting, I was able to get a picture of him with all his buds and I did have a teary moment with his mama. I thanked her for taking care of him and loving him, and she thanked me for having room in my heart for him!! We left and got in the car where both Oleg and I cried and cried. To the train station from the orphanage, I got the last ticket and then...... sleep, that's a joke Oleg was crazy crazy. Praise be to God that he place 3 very sweet very understanding men in my compartment with me. They all stayed up with me and took there turn with Oleg helping me out. He was a handful but he was so cute and excited to be on the train. We finally slept at 2:30 and we were up at 6:30. Valentin greeted us at the train stop and headed to the doctor, that took 2 hours and then to the embassy. I thought that it was all done but they where not able to get me in till today to finish the visa. Oleg and I took a taxi to the embassy and got the visa this morning and now....... I can breath!!!!! if it sound crazy it was, really crazy!! but now we can breath and laugh and play, what an experience what a journey.

for now Oleg and I are enjoying our time with Trisha and her wonderful family, and I have luda there nanny to help he understand what he is saying it has been fun. He is doing great still crazy but perfect!!
Here are some pictures I took of our last day!!!

here is the entrance to Oleg's orphanage, I hope that we can see it again!!

Oleg's home town

His Friends in his room, room 10 they are all so cute wish I could take them all home!!

 Edward, Oleg and Oleg

Oleg's new friends on the Train Alex and Andrew!!


Kari said...

That was a whirlwind couple of days! Were you able to change your plane tickets so you can fly home earlier? Happy your adoption journey in Ukraine is almost finished!

Mom B said...

What a journey and what a long day!
I am so happy that you are a mommy!It has and will be an adventure. Now the fun begins along with joy and hard work. I am so proud of both of you, Tabitha and can barely wait until Sunday when you and your son get off the plane. Enjoy each moment! Mom B

The DeHaan's said...

We LOVE the pics of Oleg's train companions! That's awesome. We actually LOVE all the pictures. So cool you got the one of his group. Can't wait to catch up with you in Colorado...someday soon, hopefully!
Love you! Congrats, you made it! Casey said he misses you, and Donetsk isn't the same without you. :)