Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Monday

So today was just another exciting day in the Ukraine.  We went to change our flight home and the long and short of it is we are on the waiting list for flights out of here.  Hopefully if that works out we will come home on the 19th or 20th.  If not I may be coming home on the 14th so that we don't totally lose our tickets and Tabitha and Oleg will come home on new tickets on the 19th or 20th with a different airline.  The reason for all of this is because the type of ticket we have is limiting and all the flights that we can transfer to directly are fully booked until January 19.  That is way too long for us to stay so we are looking for alternatives to get us all home. But it will work out.  Lufthansa is looking for alternative solutions and we should know if there are any in the next two to three days.  The good news is that Oleg is well and he is learning a little English.  He can now say goodbye, hello, up and banana.  Pretty good overall.  He listens ok and he seems to be learning how to deal with us and what behaviors are acceptable.  He is a very spirited and a little rambunctious but he is also very affectionate and always thrilled to see us when we show up.  So we are getting closer all the time to bringing Oleg home.  Honestly, coming home can't happen too soon.  Being away from home is starting to wear on us.  We will be fine but we miss the way things are at home.  We miss our beds and food and really all the stuff that we normally do.  We are excited that we are down to under two weeks left in the Ukraine. Then we will be home finally after 6 weeks in country and almost two years since we began.  We miss all of you.  I am trying to get some more videos up but I am having trouble getting them uploaded.  Here are some more pictures of Oleg.  Talk to you soon.

Oleg loves bananas but eats a little too much at a time. Here is his face stuffed full.

Playing cars with momma on the floor.  He actually sat still for like 20 minuets, miracle!!


Mom B said...

Thanks for the update! We will keep praying that some tickets will become available. We want you home too, it's been so long. I am glad that Oleg looks so good and is having such fun times with you. It is so cool to see pictures of all 3 of you together! Let me know if there is anything that I can do. Love to you, Mom B

Debbi Kelley-Janelle's Mom said...

So good to hear the you are now counting the days and you can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel! How exciting for you! I know Janelle and Casey are really going to miss you guys! They have loved being your roomies! It's very exciting for all of you right now...Patience, right? It will be awesome meeting some day in Colorado. After everything settles down of course! God's Richest Blessing on the 3 of You!
The grateful Mom of your roomie Janelle,
Debbi Kelley -Roswell, NM