Saturday, December 19, 2009

one ends another begins

Tonight I get ready to get on a plane with a 3 year old, who first I can not communicate with and second he has never been on a plane before. I have to admit that I am worried. I try to remind myself that I am not the only one that has done this so I can do it and if he cries, oh well I do not know these people and I will never see them again!!! But I am still worried.
Oleg has had a few busy days here in Kiev but good once. Yesterday we visited the Houghtons with there dear daughter Anastasiya. Today we went to the mega mall, not sure if that is what it is called but it was big. The Houghtons came with Trisha, the kids, and I, and it was later determined that we probably wouldn't have made it without the Houghtons!!  The kids played for 2 hours at the play place and they were pooped. It was tons of fun!! And now I am starting to feel sad. As much as I want to be home I will miss it. It has been a real eye opener and Ryan and I both have grown so close, that I fear that getting back to our lives will somehow make us forget the lessons we have learned and the times we have spent together. But here is to a new beginning.
Well here is my chance to reflect on this adventure, there was a moment in the car on that final crazy day that I broke out into tears think that this was it!! Today was the day of the beginning of the rest of our lives as a family. The song Time form Tenth avenue north came on the Ipod, (here is the song ) and it got me thinking of what an amazing love my Heavenly Father has for me. he gave me this opportunity to see how true his love is for me, how he pursues me and never gives up, just like our pursuit for Oleg. The thing is that this is only a glimpse of His love. I feel honored to have experience this, every struggle and every heart ache. I would climb every mountain and walk to the end of the earth for Oleg. This is the miracle of adoption. The prayer of my heart forever Lord is that I can love my son the way you love me.


Mom B said...

Parenthood is bittersweet and as long as your focus is on the Lord, your prayer will be honored. There are so many emotions as you love a child and each other that bind you together as never before. We are all praying for your flight and for the many beginnings as a family. You have great memories of the 'birth' of Oleg and the many people that touched your lives in the first few weeks together. Just a few more hours before you are back home! You are very strong - you can do this and much more! Love to you, Mom B

Melody said...

Hang in there, sweet girl. You are awesome, and trusting in the Lord is most definitely the best thing you can do right now - so way to go, honey! Praying for your safe return. Can't wait to see you guys. xo

Kristin said...

Can't wait to see you when you get home, Tabitha! What a beautiful story and journey to share :)